Organize Data as a Graph: Easily

Relationship Graph is a one-file tool for simplifying graph building

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Simplify Understanding of your Data

Graphs provide a simple way of representing a huge variety of data, but they’re not always simple to build, modify, or share. Relationship Graph makes sharing data easy while protecting your privacy.

  • Specify standard node types, node data fields, and edge relationship types
  • Add nodes and relationships quickly and consistently via form fields
  • Automatically arrange graph nodes to fit
  • Your data, and the graphing and display tool, are located in one easy-to-move file
  • All powered by any modern browser


Data: Organized

Represent distinct things and ideas as nodes. Represent any relationships between things/ideas as edges.

Privacy Protecting

All content remains under your control. No external resources are requested, so your data cannot be sent outside your own browser. Your data is exactly as private as your saved files.

Easily Shared

Saved files are their own copy of the Relationship Graph tool. Sharing a saved file shares the entire tool. No external software is required. This is gratis and open source.

Easy to Export

Data is stored as JSON, which can be easily transformed into many other formats for other tools.